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00001 //
00002 // Copyright (c) 2006-2008 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
00003 // This software is subject to the Apache v2.0 License.
00004 //
00005 #ifndef __SSEPLUS_SSE_H__
00006 #define __SSEPLUS_SSE_H__
00008 #include "SSEPlus_base.h"
00010 //Forward declarations
00011 //============================================
00012 // SSE Native
00013 //============================================
00014 __m128        ssp_add_ps_SSE     (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00015 __m128        ssp_add_ss_SSE     (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00016 __m128        ssp_and_ps_SSE     (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00017 __m128        ssp_andnot_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00018 __m128        ssp_cmpeq_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00019 __m128        ssp_cmpeq_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00020 __m128        ssp_cmpge_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00021 __m128        ssp_cmpge_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00022 __m128        ssp_cmpgt_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00023 __m128        ssp_cmpgt_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00024 __m128        ssp_cmple_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00025 __m128        ssp_cmple_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00026 __m128        ssp_cmplt_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00027 __m128        ssp_cmplt_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00028 __m128        ssp_cmpneq_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00029 __m128        ssp_cmpneq_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00030 __m128        ssp_cmpnge_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00031 __m128        ssp_cmpnge_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00032 __m128        ssp_cmpngt_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00033 __m128        ssp_cmpngt_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00034 __m128        ssp_cmpnle_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00035 __m128        ssp_cmpnle_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00036 __m128        ssp_cmpnlt_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00037 __m128        ssp_cmpnlt_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00038 __m128        ssp_cmpord_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00039 __m128        ssp_cmpord_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00040 __m128        ssp_cmpunord_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00041 __m128        ssp_cmpunord_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00042 int           ssp_comieq_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00043 int           ssp_comige_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00044 int           ssp_comigt_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00045 int           ssp_comile_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00046 int           ssp_comilt_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00047 int           ssp_comineq_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00048 __m128        ssp_cvt_si2ss_SSE (__m128, int);
00049 int           ssp_cvt_ss2si_SSE (__m128 _A);
00050 __m128        ssp_cvtsi64_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, ssp_s64 _B);       // 64 bit instruction extensions
00051 float         ssp_cvtss_f32_SSE (__m128 _A);
00052 ssp_s64       ssp_cvtss_si64_SSE (__m128 _A);                   // 64 bit instruction extensions
00053 int           ssp_cvtt_ss2si_SSE (__m128 _A);
00054 ssp_s64       ssp_cvttss_si64_SSE (__m128 _A);                  // 64 bit instruction extensions
00055 __m128        ssp_div_ps_SSE     (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00056 __m128        ssp_div_ss_SSE     (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00057 unsigned int  ssp_getcsr_SSE (void);
00058 __m128        ssp_load_ps_SSE     (float const*_A);
00059 __m128        ssp_load_ps1_SSE (float const*_A);
00060 __m128        ssp_load_ss_SSE (float const*_A);
00061 __m128        ssp_loadr_ps_SSE (float const*_A);
00062 __m128        ssp_loadu_ps_SSE (float const*_A);
00063 __m128        ssp_max_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00064 __m128        ssp_max_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00065 __m128        ssp_min_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00066 __m128        ssp_min_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00067 __m128        ssp_move_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00068 __m128        ssp_movehl_ps_SSE (__m128, __m128);
00069 __m128        ssp_movelh_ps_SSE (__m128, __m128);
00070 int           ssp_movemask_ps_SSE (__m128 _A);
00071 __m128        ssp_mul_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00072 __m128        ssp_mul_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00073 __m128        ssp_or_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00074 void          ssp_prefetch_SSE (char *_A, int _Sel);
00075 __m128        ssp_rcp_ps_SSE (__m128 _A);
00076 __m128        ssp_rcp_ss_SSE (__m128 _A);
00077 __m128        ssp_rsqrt_ps_SSE (__m128 _A);
00078 __m128        ssp_rsqrt_ss_SSE (__m128 _A);
00079 __m128        ssp_set_ps_SSE (float _A, float _B, float _C, float _D);
00080 __m128        ssp_set_ps1_SSE (float _A);
00081 __m128        ssp_set_ss_SSE (float _A);
00082 void          ssp_setcsr_SSE (unsigned int);
00083 __m128        ssp_setr_ps_SSE (float _A, float _B, float _C, float _D);
00084 __m128        ssp_setzero_ps_SSE (void);
00085 void          ssp_sfence_SSE (void);
00086 __m128        ssp_shuffle_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B, unsigned int _Imm8);
00087 __m128        ssp_sqrt_ps_SSE (__m128 _A);
00088 __m128        ssp_sqrt_ss_SSE (__m128 _A);
00089 void          ssp_store_ps_SSE (float *_V, __m128 _A);
00090 void          ssp_store_ps1_SSE (float *_V, __m128 _A);
00091 void          ssp_store_ss_SSE (float *_V, __m128 _A);
00092 void          ssp_storer_ps_SSE (float *_V, __m128 _A);
00093 void          ssp_storeu_ps_SSE (float *_V, __m128 _A);
00094 void          ssp_stream_ps_SSE (float *, __m128);
00095 __m128        ssp_sub_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00096 __m128        ssp_sub_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00097 int           ssp_ucomieq_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00098 int           ssp_ucomige_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00099 int           ssp_ucomigt_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00100 int           ssp_ucomile_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00101 int           ssp_ucomilt_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00102 int           ssp_ucomineq_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00103 __m128        ssp_unpackhi_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00104 __m128        ssp_unpacklo_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00105 __m128        ssp_xor_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B);
00108 #include "native/SSEPlus_native_SSE.h"
00110 #endif // __SSEPLUS_SSE_H__

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