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Convert Operations
SSP_FORCEINLINE void ssp_convert_reverse_transpose_REF (__m128i *a, __m128i *b, __m128i *c)
SSP_FORCEINLINE void ssp_convert_3c_3p_epi8_REF (__m128i *rgb1, __m128i *rgb2, __m128i *rgb3)
SSP_FORCEINLINE void ssp_convert_3p_3c_epi8_REF (__m128i *r, __m128i *g, __m128i *b)
SSP_FORCEINLINE void ssp_convert_3c_3p_epi16_REF (__m128i *rgb1, __m128i *rgb2, __m128i *rgb3)
SSP_FORCEINLINE void ssp_convert_3p_3c_epi16_REF (__m128i *r, __m128i *g, __m128i *b)
SSP_FORCEINLINE void ssp_convert_3c_3p_epi32_REF (__m128i *rgb1, __m128i *rgb2, __m128i *rgb3)
SSP_FORCEINLINE void ssp_convert_3p_3c_epi32_REF (__m128i *r, __m128i *g, __m128i *b)
SSP_FORCEINLINE void ssp_convert_4c_4p_epi8_REF (__m128i *rgba1, __m128i *rgba2, __m128i *rgba3, __m128i *rgba4)
SSP_FORCEINLINE void ssp_convert_4p_4c_epi8_REF (__m128i *r, __m128i *g, __m128i *b, __m128i *a)
SSP_FORCEINLINE void ssp_convert_4c_4p_epi16_REF (__m128i *rgba1, __m128i *rgba2, __m128i *rgba3, __m128i *rgba4)
SSP_FORCEINLINE void ssp_convert_4p_4c_epi16_REF (__m128i *r, __m128i *g, __m128i *b, __m128i *a)
SSP_FORCEINLINE void ssp_convert_4c_4p_epi32_REF (__m128i *rgba1, __m128i *rgba2, __m128i *rgba3, __m128i *rgba4)
SSP_FORCEINLINE void ssp_convert_4p_4c_epi32_REF (__m128i *r, __m128i *g, __m128i *b, __m128i *a)

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