include/SSEPlus_SSE.h File Reference

#include "SSEPlus_base.h"
#include "native/SSEPlus_native_SSE.h"

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__m128 ssp_add_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_add_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_and_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_andnot_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmpeq_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmpeq_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmpge_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmpge_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmpgt_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmpgt_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmple_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmple_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmplt_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmplt_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmpneq_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmpneq_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmpnge_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmpnge_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmpngt_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmpngt_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmpnle_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmpnle_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmpnlt_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmpnlt_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmpord_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmpord_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmpunord_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cmpunord_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
int ssp_comieq_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
int ssp_comige_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
int ssp_comigt_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
int ssp_comile_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
int ssp_comilt_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
int ssp_comineq_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_cvt_si2ss_SSE (__m128, int)
int ssp_cvt_ss2si_SSE (__m128 _A)
__m128 ssp_cvtsi64_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, ssp_s64 _B)
float ssp_cvtss_f32_SSE (__m128 _A)
ssp_s64 ssp_cvtss_si64_SSE (__m128 _A)
int ssp_cvtt_ss2si_SSE (__m128 _A)
ssp_s64 ssp_cvttss_si64_SSE (__m128 _A)
__m128 ssp_div_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_div_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
unsigned int ssp_getcsr_SSE (void)
__m128 ssp_load_ps_SSE (float const *_A)
__m128 ssp_load_ps1_SSE (float const *_A)
__m128 ssp_load_ss_SSE (float const *_A)
__m128 ssp_loadr_ps_SSE (float const *_A)
__m128 ssp_loadu_ps_SSE (float const *_A)
__m128 ssp_max_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_max_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_min_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_min_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_move_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_movehl_ps_SSE (__m128, __m128)
__m128 ssp_movelh_ps_SSE (__m128, __m128)
int ssp_movemask_ps_SSE (__m128 _A)
__m128 ssp_mul_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_mul_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_or_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
void ssp_prefetch_SSE (char *_A, int _Sel)
__m128 ssp_rcp_ps_SSE (__m128 _A)
__m128 ssp_rcp_ss_SSE (__m128 _A)
__m128 ssp_rsqrt_ps_SSE (__m128 _A)
__m128 ssp_rsqrt_ss_SSE (__m128 _A)
__m128 ssp_set_ps_SSE (float _A, float _B, float _C, float _D)
__m128 ssp_set_ps1_SSE (float _A)
__m128 ssp_set_ss_SSE (float _A)
void ssp_setcsr_SSE (unsigned int)
__m128 ssp_setr_ps_SSE (float _A, float _B, float _C, float _D)
__m128 ssp_setzero_ps_SSE (void)
void ssp_sfence_SSE (void)
__m128 ssp_shuffle_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B, unsigned int _Imm8)
__m128 ssp_sqrt_ps_SSE (__m128 _A)
__m128 ssp_sqrt_ss_SSE (__m128 _A)
void ssp_store_ps_SSE (float *_V, __m128 _A)
void ssp_store_ps1_SSE (float *_V, __m128 _A)
void ssp_store_ss_SSE (float *_V, __m128 _A)
void ssp_storer_ps_SSE (float *_V, __m128 _A)
void ssp_storeu_ps_SSE (float *_V, __m128 _A)
void ssp_stream_ps_SSE (float *, __m128)
__m128 ssp_sub_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_sub_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
int ssp_ucomieq_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
int ssp_ucomige_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
int ssp_ucomigt_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
int ssp_ucomile_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
int ssp_ucomilt_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
int ssp_ucomineq_ss_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_unpackhi_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_unpacklo_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)
__m128 ssp_xor_ps_SSE (__m128 _A, __m128 _B)

Function Documentation

__m128 ssp_cvtsi64_ss_SSE ( __m128  _A,
ssp_s64  _B 

float ssp_cvtss_f32_SSE ( __m128  _A  ) 

ssp_s64 ssp_cvtss_si64_SSE ( __m128  _A  ) 

ssp_s64 ssp_cvttss_si64_SSE ( __m128  _A  ) 

__m128 ssp_set_ps_SSE ( float  _A,
float  _B,
float  _C,
float  _D 

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